Faith Children’s Ministry


It is our goal at Faith to partner with parents to help kids take their next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is important for us to partner with parents who have been given this discipleship role by God.
During the hour that your child is with us, they will be involved in large group activities such as singing songs and hearing a bible story that is on their level. They will also participate in small group activities that will include group discussion, prayer, and hands-on activities that reinforce the lesson of the day. Each class period also includes a snack. Please alert our check-in staff if your child has any particular allergies.


The safety of your children is important here at Faith. All of our volunteers have gone through a thorough background and screening process. Our staff also go through training to be Kid Safe. We also utilize a check-in system that ensures that only authorized guardians are permitted to pick up your kids.

Check In/Check Out

On your first visit you will need to register your child into our database. Each week as you check-in your child, you and your child will receive an electronically printed name tag, which includes a matching security code. Nursery aged children will also receive a printed tag for their diaper bag and an electronic pager used to contact parents during the service if necessary. When you come to pick up your child the volunteer will check to make sure the security codes match. Please feel free to print off our 2014 Kids Club Registration Form. Fill it out and share it with one of our staff.

2016-2017 Registration Form